Taiwan Catholic Mission Foundation was founded on July 4, 1998 by a group of devoted lay Catholic in Taiwan under the auspices of the Commission for Social Development of the Chinese Regional Bishops' Conference. The mission of TCMF is to provide assistance to the development of the Catholic Church on missionary and evangelical works through resource and fund raising and volunteer services. At current  stage, the main objective is helping the aboriginal children of Taiwan and elsewhere on education


During the September 21, 1999 earthquake which struck hard in central Taiwan and more than 2000 people were perished, the Foundation was among the first charitable groups to be on the scene to offer help. Since then, more than 283 charitable programs and 31 children educational care-stations were built, among them 5 being located in La Plata, Argentina, Ching Rai, Northern Thailand, and Negros Occidental, Philippines. The Foundation emphasizes its strategic alliance and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) practice in order to expand the charitable service globally. The Overseas Chinese communities of South America and South East Asia are participating and supporting related projects recently. 


    There are thousands of Catholic volunteers in Taiwan. They are divided into different groups to serve the needy of various sectors in the society. The current chairman of the board of TCMF is Mr. Jimmy Yang.